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Meet Woody Allen

Woody Allen meets Einstein

Is it Woody? Likely. We are in Central Park, heading to Fifth Avenue / Upper East Side. The old man is wearing his typical hat, glasses and REALLY worn-out trousers. The Asian woman in his arm, leg in plaster, is by far younger than himself, but he cannot take his eyes off my - even younger - lady. Is it because my fair lady and Woody are sharing the same love of hats? Or is it because she is sucking her thumb instead of a pacifier? Have we just become the inspiration for his next film / the stuff, that films are made of? 

Rotunda, Guggenheim



We are on our way to a Stroller Tour in the Guggenheim Museum, New York. Both of us are deeply impressed - not only by architecture or the exposed impressionists:

"Stroll around the ramps with your baby in tow as museum educators lead an engaging one-hour tour for caregivers and their babies. Expect songs, touchable objects, and great adult conversation":   

Guggenheim Museum, 5th Ave



On our way back home, we don't meet any celebrities but we have to stop to capture this:


Bow Bridge, Central Park

Attached a link to the official interactive Cental Park map for your next trip:  


My story happened earlier this year, but I am sure that these locations are still worth visiting. Enjoy globetrotting at the corner of get lost and get a map!


Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!


Stuttgart, December, 25th, 2013


When I said Let's be childish, this was not exactly, what I meant...

Don't be afraid of St. Nikolaus

But we are so glad to have you here. No wonder, you visit us in Advent season:

Heart-warming songs and soul food, like Stutenkerl, festive lighting, outshone by the glooming red sky only. Soft snowflakes, calming down even the busiest traditional Christmas market, ... tradition? Yes,there is more to it:

Aunt Renie


St. Nikolaus, the legendary do-gooder, who made you jump into our Christmas Stockings / Nikolausstiefel on December, 6th. Christmas trees, standing for consistency and silence, while we are awaiting baby Jesus' birth. It was so inspiring to discuss the parallels and differences between Jesus and Madiba Mandela with you guys. Hope we will meet again. Have a safe trip, Auntie!  


#StoryMOOC, #AuntRenie, 166642


Stuttgart, December, 9th, 2013 




What aMUSEs you? Story MOOC

Latest MUSE

While some people, places, books etc. are definitely more inspiring than others, I think that an open mind finds inspiration in almost anything. What aMUS*Es you, is pretty much personal. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this sexy all-round FUN video. It's a Klassiker, to add one of Franz Beckenbauer's less controversial quotes. INSPIRE!


 Stuttgart,  November  19th, 2013


Who is Carlos Charmoso?

Women and men love Carlos equally, but he couldn't care less:  


Who is Carlos Charmoso?

Born in the Algarve, Portugal, the humorous globetrotter makes friends in the blink of an eye. Carlos' elegant well-shaped appearance opens many doors, but he prefers Huis Clos*. The lisping gentleman does not spend too much time on family and friends. Burning ambition spurred him to success in Investment Banking, but you can still sense the Portuguese sun, when you listen carefully.

Always questioning himself and others, Carlos collected a few persons, he calls friends:

The one thing, the sensitive Mediterranean single is sure about, are his new-born godchildren. Carlos enjoys the rare moments with them. He opens up, doing what he can, to ensure that his godbabies will NOT turn into either annoying or boring folks over the years.

Claudia Columna

Bumingbrush Painting Caricature, Laoshe Teahouse Beijing

Carlos would love to introduce his cherished Aunt Renie (a friendly, old, world-travelling lady from Potsdam, and a character we'll meet later in our MOOC) to his half-sister, Claudia Columna,

Unfortunately, either himself or one of the ladies is on the road, when he is in the mood to arrange a personal meeting. The love of his life has not crossed his road, either. If you are The One, you will find Carlos easily ...  


 * L'enfer, c'est les autres, Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit 



Stuttgart, November 9th, 2013   


The Story of My Life 

After inspiring stop-overs in Paris, Beijing and Frankfurt, the protagonist's way lead to New York City. She had been working as a corporate banker for multinational companies before. In Big Apple, she took care of her small new world instead and things started making sense:


Inspired by the American Dream, she could not help but WRITE at night:  New York City & Folks 


Watching Asians play Beethoven's Freude schöner Götterfunken in Central Park, she blamed her parents for not forcing her to take piano lessons. A little later, she discovered open-air libraries and is now grateful that she had read plenty of books in her childhood instead of sheets of music.

Books open the world and her daughter is the most adorable open book she has ever read and edited: Feeding her soul, while being after her well-being. She can even turn into a never ending story to be continued ...


The Future of Storytelling

Stuttgart, October 27th, 2013  


"Follow Me, I am right behind you."